Parco della Maremma - Parco Naturale della Maremma

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Maremma Natural Park

Maremma, with its 13 Natural Parks including WWF reserves and 400.000.000 sqms of protected environment, is one of the most pristine natural areas in Italy. The Maremma Natural Park definitely epitomizes this stunning natural and cultural heritage.

Mediterranean Woods together with swamps, hills, sand dunes and reefs are the main landscape of the Maremma Park, stretches from Prinicipina a Mare to Talamone, close to Uccellina Mountains, and it is sited only few kilometers away from Residenza Principina.

The Maremma Natural Park is a magical and fascinating universe where vistas go widescreen.

Discover it walking, cycling, horse riding or even canoeing on the Ombrone River.

Meet its wild animals, such as the impressive Maremma cows, with their peculiarly long horns and their grey coat, roe and fallow deers that may venture down as far as the beaches, boars, porcupines, foxes and many other mammals or birds.

The typical wild Maremma horses are some of the most representative animals of the Maremma. They are small-sized  proud animals, strengthened by century long natural selection, just like the inhabitants of the Maremma.