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Maremma Traditions are deeply linked with the slow and peaceful rhythms of nature, and are very well represented by the Maremma Butteri, the typical Maremma shepherds riding on horseback, who still preserve the ancient customs and traditions of the place.

Between the 18th and the first half of the 19th century they heroically used to ride through the otherwise inaccessible swampy areas of the Maremma to pasture cows and horses, and to prevent them from getting lost in the thick wild wood. They were the only ones to know how to live and survive in such a hard land.

After the economic boom and the industrialization process, Butteri began to disappear, but some Associations made it possible for them to be preserved and to continue the practice of transhumance, marking and taming of the cows and horses. People willing to discover and live the real Maremma can join Butteri in these traditional activities.

Attend one of their renowned Horse Shows, during which they show off their ability in carousels, games and horse training.


Booking your holiday at Residenza Principina, you will be able to attend the Butteri Horse Shows taking advantage of special DISCOUNTS.

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