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Bike Tours and Nordic Walking

Grosseto is the second biggest province in Italy with the lowest population density. This means there are vast areas and streets where you can explore Maremma walking or riding a bike without worrying about city hustle and bustle.

In Maremma there are a lot of bike tours and Nordic Walking tracks, perfect both for professional athletes and amateurs. Protected paths run all over the villages and the natural parks and are a great opportunity for you to admire all the different places the Maremma is famous for.


Among the most famous Maremma bike tours itineraries there are the Gran Tour of Maremma and the Bike tour of the Sun. The Grand Tour is a quite hard but very picturesque route that runs through the beautiful tuff cities of Sorano, Pitigliano and Sovana. This loop itinerary offers various options and can reach the Argentario coastline and the Maremma National Park.

The Bike Tour of the Sun, instead, is an easier in-line path running between the coast and the Maremma inland, from Follonica to Orbetello.

All over the Maremma you will be able to find over 30 loop itineraries: Metallifere Hills, inland hills,  Mount Amiata , Tuff Area, Costa d’Argento, Grosseto and Castiglione della Pescaia.


Nordic Walking, a Northern European sport discipline where you exercise while walking, has spread all over Italy, and Maremma now welcomes Nordic Walkers from all over the world looking for paths running through impressive landscapes and uncontaminated nature.

Pitigliano’s pits, Saturnia, Sovana, Sorano, WWF reserves, Montauto National Park and Rocca dei Briganti are the best destinations for you to practise this sport and enjoy the beauty of Maremma. Every year Butteri arrange Nordic Walking meetings for people to explore the area


If you want to arrange a cycling holiday or a Nordic Walking holiday, the Residenza Principina staff will be able to give you all the information you need to arrange the best itineraries for you.

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